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For broadcast and festival programmes, you need a very special service.

I take enormous care to ensure that your programme has the very best subtitles I can produce. You've worked on this programme for months, you don't want to lose the impact you've created visually with sub-standard subtitles. Talk to me, and I'll work day and night to get it right for you.  


I have worked in many languages - Russian, Serbo-Croat, Arabic, French, Hebrew - and several extremely obscure dialects.   I don't just work from one language to English; I'll take any language, a few guide timecodes, and produce subtitles that will enhance your programme.


You've made the corporate video for your client - and they suddenly drop the bombshell that they need it in eight languages. By the middle of next week. I can co-ordinate the translation and production without a problem. If your client needs to approve the translation, that's fine, but don't forget to build some time in there!


Subtitling for the hard of hearing entails adapting the script so that the full meaning of the programme is conveyed, without losing the sense of the programme.   People who cannot hear want exactly the same from a TV programme as those who can.   My job is to deliver that as fully as possible.


Using tailored software, I can produce TIF files for your DVD, with a "picker" file of timecodes and settings.    Then you just need to drag and drop it into the programme.   I can produce files for most authoring systems.

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